Aa Eradu Varshagalu (2017)


Directed by: B Madhusudhan
Starring: Renuk Mathad, Amitha Kulal

Varsha is getting ready to meet her friend Varun. Everyone at home is tense and worried if she will come back but she assures them that she is meeting him for the last time and will be back home soon. She wears his favorite dress and meets him in a park. It turns out that Varsha and Varun were a couple for two years but broke up and are now meeting to finalize their breakup.

In flashback we see Varsha and her family moving into the same building as Varun and soon the two start noticing each other. Varun is working while Varsha is still in college and they start meeting outside home. Initially Varsha teases Varun when they go out that it is not a date and Varun gets irritated that she is playing with him and showing attitude. On Valentine’s Day when many boys wish Varsha, Varun feels jealous and she then asks him to go on a real date with her. From there the two start to become more serious about their relationship and the progress from texting to a deeper relationship happens. So what happened between the two and is there any future to their relationship?