Bete (2011)


Directed by: Srinivas Kaushik
Starring: Ayesha, Akshay, Anant Nag, Ishitha Vyas, Adi Lokesh, Pavithra Lokesh

Ashwini (Ayesha) is a journalist who investigates important issues. She pretends to be a young woman desperate for work and attends an interview at a company. She is selected along with many other young women. The people conducting the interview tell them they will be placed in Delhi and will be leaving the next day. During the journey, Ashwini confirms her suspicions about foul play and beats up the gang who were actually transporting the girls as part of a human trafficking scam.

This is just one of the many cases Ashini cracks and reports about. Her father Anant Nag is a government doctor and is proud of her. But her younger sister who is still studying doesn’t approve of print media and encourages Ashwini to move to television. However, Ashwini believes that true journalism can only be carried out in the print media.

Ashwini’s no-nonsense approach to crime and reporting gets her into trouble and puts her personal life at risk…