Cheluvina Chilipili (2009)

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Directed by: S Narayan
Starring: Pankaj, Roopika, Anant Nag, Sumalatha, Apoorva, Dwarakish

Balu is the only son of Anant Nag and Sumalatha who love him a lot. They are middle class people but try to make sure that Balu’s every need is taken care of. Sometimes Balu is not able to understand their love and feels his mother is too protective and interfering in his life, but on the whole they are a happy family.

Sapna has come to study engineering from a village and her family is very traditional and strict. So she has been looking forward to a life of independence away from family control and is enjoying the first few days of college.

Sapna and Balu bump into each other by accident and immediately like each other. Their relationship gets closer but complications lie ahead for the couple…