D K Bose (2019)


Directed by: Sandeep Mahantesh
Starring: Prithvi Ambar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Shobharaj Pavoor, Risha Nijagun

Two friends Bharath and Ram have known each other from childhood days. They were both orphans in an ashrama who were depressed and went to the same well to commit suicide. From there they helped each other and became close friends.

As grown up men, Bharath and Ram have become small-time criminals and regularly steal and cheat people. After Ram is released from jail, Bharath tells him that they are leaving Bengaluru as he has got hold of a diamond ring that he wants to sell. They also decide that they need to start doing bigger deals instead of their petty crimes.

The two friends board a bus to Mangaluru. On the way, Bharath sees a girl Nisha whom he likes and so he gets off the bus when her stop comes. They then steal a bike and decide to meet an old friend who has recently bought a new house. Along the way they get into trouble with a local politician and his boys start looking for them. When they reach their location, they realize that Nisha is their neighbor….