Dalapathi (2018)


Directed by: Prashanth Raj
Starring: Prem Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda, Chikkanna, Padmaja Rao

A criminal Soorya who is accused of killing an honest inspector is under trial in a Bengaluru court. Just when it looks like he will escape with a Not Guilty verdict, Padmaja Rao and her husband walk in to give evidence. Padmaja’s parents were killed by Soorya because they had witnessed the murder of the inspector. The case is postponed to a later date and Soorya threatens Padmaja to not give evidence against him.

Soon after this, Padmaja’s daughter Vaidehi (Kriti) is playing Holi with her friends. They accidentally bump into Ram (Prem) and he falls down while Vaidehi also drops her bag containing her mobile, without realizing it. Later, she calls on her mobile and Ram answers it and tells her to come to a coffee shop to pick up her phone. When Vaidehi and her friends go to meet Ram, he tells her he fractured his hand when he fell and asks her to help him over the next few days as compensation. When Vaidehi refuses, Ram tells her that he found leaked question papers for her upcoming exam inside her bag. He threatens to pass this information to the media and so Vaidehi agrees to come to his house every day and help him. These frequent meetings lead to the two becoming close. But Ram has some surprises in store for Vaidehi…