Dhanya (2004)

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Directed by: Y S Vasu
Starring: Naveen Reddy, A S Murthy, M S Karanth, Pallavi, Anjali Shetty, Sheebha, Vijaya

Shreekantha Shastri is the pujari of a village temple. He struggles for money but tries to do good for the villagers and has a good name. He has a daughter Kamala. Ananthu is the son of Ramachandra whose family traditionally used to be the pujaris of the temple. But because Ramachandra did not know Sanskrit, Shastri was instead given the pujari status by the village temple trust. Meanwhile, Kader kaka is a Muslim man who sells coconuts outside the temple. The village has both Hindu and Muslim communities who live together in harmony.

Now after seven years away in the city, Ananthu returns to his village. His father is very proud to see him back and hopes that his son with a knowledge of Sanskrit can now take over the pujari duties at the temple. Ananthu meanwhile notices Kamla and likes her…