Divangatha Manjunathana Geleyaru (2018)


Directed by: Arun N D
Starring: Rudra Prayag, Sheethal Pandya, Avinash Muddappa, Ravi Poojar, Naveen G M, Sachin H M, Shankaramurthy S R, Mohandas

A young man Manjunatha is found hanging from a tree. He was an engineering student who had failed a few times and then gave up engineering. Manju had the habit of borrowing money from friends and others using the land his family owned. He was also into IPL betting. So during his funeral many people have different theories on how he died. Some suspect a gang, others think his friends might be involved.

The police officer in charge of the case arrives on the crime scene and soon finds out that a transfer order has been given to him because of poor performance. He requests his senior to help him and is told that if he manages to solve the case within 24 hours, the transfer will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, a new police officer joins the station and begins assisting with the case as the policemen start searching for clues to solve the murder mystery.