Ganesha Matte Banda (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: H S Phani Ramachandra
Starring: Vijay Raghavendra, Anant Nag, Neethu, Vinaya Prasad, Pragna, Vishal Hegde, Neethashree, Ramesh Bhat, Doddanna

H S Phani Ramachandra who became famous for his Ganesha movies like Ganeshana Maduve also directs this movie which has Anant Nag and Vinaya Prasad again acting in this. The Ganesha character is here played by Vijay Raghavendra who is a software engineer from Sakleshpura and has recently got a job in a MNC in Bengaluru. He has big plans to enjoy in the city but his father puts him in his friend Padmanabacharya’s (Anant Nag) vathara. Padmanabacharya lives with his wife Vinaya Prasad and three daughters Savithri, Gayathri and Dharitri. Padmanabacharya is very religious and strict with his daughters. Gayathri pretends to be very obedient but when she is with her friends she changes her clothes and enjoys loafing with a biker. Savithri is obedient to her father and vows that she will go for only arranged marriage according to her father’s wishes. Dharitri is the youngest and decides to see how her two elder sister’s marriages work out before taking a decision on love or arranged marriage.

Ganesha Matte Banda is a comedy movie about the love and arranged marriages and the plus and negatives of both systems.