Indra (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: H Vasu
Starring: Darshan, Namitha, Vinaya Prasad, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Bullet Prakash

Indra (Darshan) murders a powerful man who was giving orders on the phone to politicians and others in public view. We then see that Indra has transformed into a quiet and humble man in a small town looking for work at a famous temple. The head priest at the temple gives him a job there and offers him a place to stay nearby with his family which includes his daughter Namitha.

Initially Namitha is not impressed by Indra’s quiet behavior and is rude to him. One day Indra saves a mentally retarded man from a crowd who were beating him up and this impresses her. Little by little different aspects of Indra’s personality begin to emerge and on another occasion he beats up a pick pocket who had stolen a woman’s purse. Eventually the people in the small temple town realize Indra is not who he first appeared to be.