Kamsale Kaisale (2012)

The subtitles have problems but the video came like that, so we couldn’t remove them 🙁


Directed by: T S Nagabharana
Starring: Master Snehith, Master Vasuki, Vaibhav, Master Chiranjeevi, Master Somanna, Master Dheemanth U Shetty

Kamsale Kaisale is about the folk art of Kamsale in Karnataka.

A young boy Madhava has a special sense of sound and music. Everywhere he goes he tries to hear melodies, even in traffic. His father doesn’t approve of his interest in music and sound and considers it a waste because he believes his father wasted his life for music. However, Madhava’s grandmother is very encouraging.

One day Madahava goes on a school picnic to a hilly forest area. There while exploring the forest with his friends he hears a sound. From childhood he has been trying to remember this sound and create it, so when he hears it now he gets excited and follows it. But in the process he is lost and misses his school bus. The sound was coming from a Kamsale group of artists and they find him…