Madamakki (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Vinay Preetham
Starring: Tanush Shivanna, Sai Kumar, Tara, Nikitha Narayan, Deepika Kamaiah

Sadhu has to leave his hometown of Madamakki situated in the Malnad region of Karnataka and goes to Mumbai where he joins the underworld. He becomes an important gangster and a target for the cops.

When his boss is killed he decides to leave for Dubai. But before he goes to Dubai he wants to meet his mother who still lives in his hometown. A Special Force headed by Sai Kumar is after him, but Sadhu decides to take a risk and go back to Madamakki. On the way, during a bus journey he meets his old lover and realizes she is still in love with him which adds to the confusion in his life about what to do and escape the cops while also following his heart.

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