Munnudi (2000) w.Subtitles


Directed by: P Sheshadri
Starring: H G Dattatreya, Tara, Chaya Singh, C R Shashikumar, Shimoga Venkatesh, Sudhiraj, Vidyadhar

Munnudi was the debut movie of Chaya Singh and also won a National Film Award. It is set in a coastal town and is about the unfortunate treatment of women there.

Hasanabba (H G Dattatreya) is a marriage broker of a different type. During the season, businessmen come from the Arab world to the town for a few months. Hasanabba arranges women in marriage for these traders. The married couple then live together for a few months in a hotel. When it is time for the trader to leave, he gives a divorce to his wife and Hasanabba then tries to arrange a new husband for her in the next season. Hasanabba uses all kinds of techniques to convince the girls and their families including a visa to the Gulf for family members.

Rukhiya (Tara) is a woman with a teenage daughter Unnisa (Chaya Singh) working as a domestic help in a rich man’s house. Many years back, she had got married off to a businessman through Hasanabba. She and her husband were deeply in love and when he was leaving he refused to give her a divorce and promised to come back the next season and take her with him. The next year, though he didn’t return, Rukhiya still believed he would come back.

Hasanabba keeps trying to convince Rukhiya for a divorce so that he can marry her off again, but Rukhiya refuses to give up hope.