Mussanje (2001) w.Subtitles


Directed by: P R Ramadas Naidu
Starring: H. G. Dattatreya, Master Hirannayya, Renukamma Muragodu, Pavithra Lokesh

Dattatreya is a retired teacher affectionately called Sheshu by his friends. He is respected for planning his old age so that he lives without depending on anyone else. Sheshu tries to live a peaceful life and look at everything that happens as part of his karma and destiny.

Sheshu’s wife’s younger sister who was suffering from asthma recently died and his wife has stopped eating. Sheshu tries his best to console her and cook for her but she is refusing to eat. His neighbor from many years is an old couple whose son is excited about settling in the US, but the parents are missing him. Sheshu has an old friend Shivram who has not managed his life and is irresponsible. Though Shivram and Sheshu fight regularly they remain good friends. Sheshu’s son visits them only once in a while and his daughter-in-law is not happy about it.

Mussanje meaning dusk is about the lives of people as they grow old and the joys and sadness they face.