Nari Munidare Gandu Parari (2004)


Directed by: G K M Raju
Starring: Kashinath, Varsha, Tara, Doddanna, Sundar Raj, Bank Janardhan

Varsha is a young woman who can’t bear to see injustice against women. But she sees it in her own house and in her neighbors where men continuously treat their wives badly. Varsha writes articles in newspapers and magazines and tries to create awareness in society but most women that she tries to advise are resigned to their fate of being born women.

One day Varsha receives a note from someone called Parvatharani who tells her to visit her website for further information. The website gives directions to a bungalow in a remote area. When Varsha arrives there she meets Parvatharani who tells her that she has been observing Varsha and is impressed with her activities on behalf of women. Parvatharani has created a chemical that has the ability to change a man into a woman internally. She gives this to Varsha and asks her to mix it in the drinking water. Soon reports start appearing that the men of Kollegala have started acting strange and are behaving like the women there, doing all the household works.

Doddanna is a police officer and he is sent to Kollegala to investigate the matter. Kashinath joins him to try and understand this strange phenomenon.