Police Power (1995)


Directed by: Yogesh Hunsur
Starring: Devaraj, Prema, Sudheer, Ramesh Bhat, Lohithashwa

An unknown man (Devaraj) has been living in a village for 2 months and is being taken care by the village doctor. Though the doctor tries several methods to find out who this man is, the man does not respond to any treatment or questions. But at night he sometimes keeps mumbling some things and also gets nightmares of being set on fire.

One day he wakes up and goes to the river where he bumps into Bhagya (Prema). The next day the doctor asks Bhagya who is a vegetable seller to take the man with her to the market for a change of atmosphere. At the market, the police come to throw the sellers out and in the process Bhagya is beaten. This causes Devaraj to attack and beat up the police officers. When the SI comes to arrest Devaraj, the doctor argues on his behalf and asks for a few more days to find out who the man is. The doctor then puts Devaraj in the care of Bhagya for the next few days…