Rustum (2019)

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Directed by: Ravi Varma
Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Vivek Oberoi, Shraddha Srinath, Rachita Ram, Mayuri Kyatari, Mahendran, Harish Uthaman

An honest IAS officer who is the son of a retired headmaster is gathering evidence in a case that has connections to the Home Minister and his son. He is offered bribes to stop pursuing the case but he refuses and soon is missing. His parents keep visiting the police station for help but the police are more interested in trying to get the files and evidence of the case their son was following. Meanwhile, the Home Minister is being considered for the CM post while his son is made the party’s youth president.

In this situation, Abhi (Shivarajkumar) and his family arrives in Bengaluru. Abhi seems like a simple family man happily married to his wife (Shraddha Srinath). He has a daughter and his sister (Mayuri) also lives with him. They move into the house next to the missing IAS officer’s family. Abhi gets involved in the case and we learn about his past…