Sangeetha Sagara Ganayogi (1995)


Directed by: Chindodi Bangaresh
Starring: Lokesh, Girish Karnad, Vijay Raghavendra

Sangeetha Sagara Ganayogi is the life story of Panchakshara Gavai, the famous blind singer from Gadag who had a great talent for music and who also made a big impact to the lives of blind musicians and others.

Gavai (played as a young boy by Vijay Raghavendra) and his elder brother are both born blind but have special gifts of singing and music. Their parents encourage them to perform in their village. One day a famous travelling swamy, Kumaraswamy passes by and hears them singing. He approaches the kids parents and asks them to send the boys to stay with him at his ashrama where their further education will be completed. The boys mother initially refuses because she can’t bear to let go of her young children. But neighbors in the village convince her by saying that the children’s future is uncertain once the parents die.

So Gavai and his brother join the asharama where a famous music teacher comes and begins their music education.