Tyson (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: K Ramnarayan
Starring: Vinod Prabhakar, Urmila Gayathri, Chikkanna, Vinaya Prasad, Mythriya Gowda, Thriller Manju, Ravi Kale, Kuri Prathap

Vinod is being beaten up by some rowdies. He narrates his story in flashback. As a small boy, Vinod dreamed of being a police officer when he grew up. In school, he had the knack of identifying classmates who stole small things. Everyone around Vinod encouraged him and made him believe that he had all the capabilities to be a good policeman. But as Vinod grew up, the realities of the corrupt system he was part of began to give obstacles to his path.

When Urmila, the daughter of a man who hates the police system is kidnapped, the father goes to all possible political contacts but no one is able to help him. He has vowed to never enter a police station but is now forced out of desperation. But instead of helping him, the police make fun of his daughter and pass cheap comments. At this point, a constable there calls Vinod who works outside the police system and he saves Urmila. From here, the two get close to each other. But Vinod’s ambitions of becoming a strong officer is matched by Urmila’s father’s hatred of the police. How will the love story turn out…