Yardo Duddu Yellammana Jathre (2003)


Directed by: A R Babu
Starring: Jaggesh, Amrutha, Devaraj, Hema Choudhary, Chithra Shenoy, Karibasavaiah, Master Yathiraj, Mandeep Roy

Jagadish Gowda (Jaggesh) is the eldest son with the responsibilities of his family in a village. He has taken debts from a moneylender but has not been able to pay it back. Most of these debts were taken for his sister’s weddings. Now the moneylender has gone to court and got an order to auction Gowda’s family home.

In the meantime, his sister has made a plan with her husband to put pressure on Gowda to get more money and property. Facing all this pressure, Gowda convinces his mother to sell one more property they have, a house in the city.

Gowda meets the moneylender and makes a deal that he will register the house in the city in the moneylender’s name. But first he has to vacate the tenants who have been living there for many years. Gowda thinks it is easy but soon finds that he is dealing with equally cunning and clever opponents.